Adrien Nayrat

PostgreSQL DBA Freelance

Member of PostgreSQL Europe


I fell into PostgreSQL in 2014 and since then, this open source DBMS has never left me 😄

At Dalibo, I acquired a good knowledge of Postgres and SQL that I used in my work as a consultant. These included training, postgres tuning, participation in the PostgreSQL community (conferences, open source projects, writing articles, patches…).

At Doctolib, I acquired a strong experience in maintaining in operational conditions a high volume production with high throughput, with significant challenges in terms of service performance, security and availability: ~45,000 transactions per second on a database of more than 3.5TB with very strong growth.

Then at PeopleDoc, I joined a DBA team where my role was to make sure that production runs smoothly, communicate best practices to developers, and optimize platforms for performance. I was also involved in writing blue-green migration in as transparent a way as possible for the application and without downtime.

Since 2021 I am available for freelance missions:

  • architecture consulting
  • tuning
  • query optimization
  • database design
  • replication
  • training

I am also determined to maintain my involvement in the PostgreSQL community. Thus, you can meet me at community events (conferences, meetup…) and also on Postgres' mailing list ;)

Here you will find articles (mostly in French but I try to translate them) about PostgreSQL (but not only 😄). As well as the presentations that I could make during conferences. Feel free to open an issue on github ;)


  • PostgreSQL
  • Open Source
  • Linux
  • Social Science
  • Social and Solidarity Economy

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