logical replication

Logical replication internals

This post explains how logical replication works. Especially, difference behaviors depending of workloads

PostgreSQL 10 and Logical replication - Setup

This article is the result of a series of articles on logical replication in PostgreSQL 10 This one will focus on the implementation of logical replication.

PostgreSQL 10 and Logical replication - Overview

Next PostgreSQL version is approaching. This version comes with an impressive feature list : Native partionning Sorts and aggregation improvements Better parallelism support : parallel index scan, parallel hash join, parallelism for subquery Extended statistics ICU collation: enable use of “abbreviated keys”, disabled in 9.5.2 due to libc bug. Abbreviated keys brings sort improvements (arround 20-30%). It is usefull when a query need a sort or for index creation. … look at wiki page New in Postgres 10 or releases notes. Another attended feature is logical replication. I will present it in a serie of articles.