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LdS S22-2016

Un peu sous l’eau en ce moment 🙁

PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta est sortie ! Testez le parallèlisme

Comparison of different SQL implementations

PgCenter 0.2.0 Released

PG Phriday: Big Data is Hard

An Early Look At The Features Of PostgreSQL 9.6

PostgreSQL Scalability: Towards Millions TPS

Postgresql : la nouvelle base orientée document (Yan Bonnel)

Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: Generic WAL interface

Waiting for Barman 1.6.1

Building a better community: The Unsung Heroes collection

Using full text dictionaries in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL 9.6 Now In Beta With Parallel Queries

Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: read balancing with remote_apply

PGLogical 1.1 packages for PostgreSQL 9.6beta1

PG Phriday: Bountiful Beta Benefits

Postgres roadmap – to be or not to be

Unsung Heroes: Steve Atkins

Changing PostgreSQL Version Numbering

Refined search

Session PostgreSQL / PostGIS – 22 septembre 2016 à Lyon – Save the date !

Auditing Users and Roles in PostgreSQL

PG Phriday: Trusty Table Tiers

Powering up Postgres with Performance Advances

PostgreSQL-based application performance: latency and hidden delays

PostgreSQL Regression Test Coverage

Redesigning a notification system

Checking for PostgreSQL Bloat

Slides from PGCon-2016

JSONB and PostgreSQL 9.5: with even more powerful tools!

Application users vs. Row Level Security

Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: Non-exclusive base backups

Indiscriminate use of CTEs considered harmful

PgDay France 2016

LdS S18-2016

Visual PostgreSQL debugging

Sortie de Proxmox VE 4.2

PG Phriday: Derivation Deluge

OGR FDW Update

SQL Style Guide

Don’t delete pg_xlog

Scalable Real-time Product Search using PostgreSQL with Citus

Don’t set fsync=off if you want to keep your data


10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible

Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: pg_rewind and timeline switches


Case-insensitive querying and Full Text Search on PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite

What PostgreSQL Tells You About Its Performance

LdS S15-2016

Pensez à faire la mise à jour mineure, surtout pour la 9.5 et faire un REINDEX au passage :

9.5.2 update release and corrupt indexes

Superviser PostgreSQL

Monitoring Wait Events in PostgreSQL 9.6

Horizontal Scalability in PostgreSQL 9.6

Five ways to paginate in Postgres, from the basic to the exotic

Parallel PostGIS

Monitoring in PostgreSQL 9.6

Create default roles

Planning to succeed

Phrase full text search

Extensible Access Methods Are Committed to 9.6


Support multiple synchronous standby servers

Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: Multiple synchronous standbys

Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: read balancing with remote_apply

Cpus Are Slowing Us Down

Horizontal Scalability in PostgreSQL 9.6

What is SKIP LOCKED for in PostgreSQL 9.5?

[4] Les résistances (du Net) : la mentalité hacker

BorgBackup – Vos sauvegardes dédupliquées