LdS S46-2015

PostgreSQL 9.5 Beta 2 Released

Parallel Sequential Scan is Committed!

Graphite 0.9.14 – the Phoenix Release

Graphite 0.9.14 – the Highlights

PG Phriday: Sidewinder

Kernel Recipes 2015 : les supports de la conférence sont en ligne !

Linux tuning to improve PostgreSQL performance

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part I

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part II

LdS S45-2015

Encore plein de liens sur PGConf EU :
Integrating PostgreSQL with Logstash for real-time monitoring => Très intéressant dommage que ça ne parle pas de la partie visualisation avec Kibana. Mais le projet semble très prometteur

Upcoming PostgreSQL 9.5 Features

Tuple internals: exposing, exploring and explaining

Access method extendability in PostgreSQL or back to origin

WAL, Standbys and Postgres 9.5

Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager

Planning Parallel and Distributed Queries

An Introduction To PostgreSQL Triggers

Profiling Postgres with Perf

9 PostgreSQL features I wish I learned earlier

GPGPU Accelerates PostgreSQL – Unlock the power of multi-thousand cores

How to provide your own DBaaS: a practical story

Vertical Scalability in Postgres

Beyond PostGIS basics : more spatial !

Index Internals

Deep dive into PostgreSQL statistics

RDBMS Genealogy